"My colourful life" Wanda Ellis

We are pleased to invite you to Premiere of the exceptional book by Ms. Wanda Ellis, our longtime Member of the Association.
"My Colourful Life" tells the remarkable story of an ordinary Polish woman whose life became entangled in the world changing events of World War II. Thoughtful, moving and uplifting, this account is a testimony to the strength of the human spirit as it demonstrates the unparalleled optimism and persistent hope of a young girl far from home.

* Welcome speech by the President of the Association
* Presentation of Mr. Roman Drecki - The Word about Wanda Ellis, the fate of her life in the context of the fate of the Polish nation and the Polish community in Auckalnd
* Speech by Matt Elliott (writer) - Wanda Ellis in the eyes of St Peter's College students (in English)
* Speech by Mr. Igor Drecki - Word from the Publisher
* Speech by Ms. Wanda Ellis - Word from the Author
*Closing ceremony

There will be the opportunity to buy a book and get an autograph with a dedication from the author.

Price of $ 25

We cordially invite all of you