Polish Heritage Project

POLISH HERITAGE PROJECT by Renata Czubak Vickrey

I am a researcher from Central Connecticut State University in the U.S. that is working with Polish cultural organizations We are conducti…

'Przerwany Marsz'

In connection with the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II in September, we want for  Polish Children of War to go to school for the inauguration of the 2019/2020 school year in the company of contemporary students and anyone who wants t…

Program of the Auckland Polish Reunion - Labour Weekend

The purpose of the Auckland Polish Reunion is to bring all Poles and people of Polish descent together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Pahiatua Polish Children’s arrival in New Zealand.

24,08 – 06/09/2019 Sailing from New Zealand to Fiji on Oyster 56

Hello, This season, as you probably know again,

I swim in the Fiji Islands. I have been released from one cruise and for two weeks (between August 24 and September 6, 2014) our Oyster 56 will be steel in the marina.

I invite a group of friends …

Domówka Party 3/08/19 19:30

03/08/2019  19:30 We invite all to the Polish integration meeting at the Polish House. It will be a Welcoming Party for the new Executive and Farewell party for old Executive

The plan is to spend Saturday night in a nice company.

If someone pla…

The Annual General Meeting

The Executive of the Auckland Polish Association informs that on 16 June 2019, Sunday, at 14:00,
at the Polish House, 1 McDonald Street, Morningside, The Annual General Meeting is to be held
with the Election of the Executive.
We invite all member…

Family Day Sunday 2/06

Family Day

Sunday 2/06 13:30 As every year, we invite everyone to Family Day (Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandmother’s Day and Grandfather’s Day) on the first…

75th Anniversary of the Battle Monte Cassino

To Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle Monte Cassino and to celebrate Polish-New Zealand friendship, the Polish Tramping Club and The Auckland Polish Association invite everyone for a sunrise walk at Long Bay Regional Park, 2000 Beach Road…

Majówka Sunday 05/05

At our usual Sunday meeting this month we will be commemorating the May Anniversaries of:

Constitution Day – 3rd May

Polish Flag Day – 2nd of May

15th Anniversary of Poland’s membership of the European Union

75th Anniversary of the Battle…

Niedzielny spacer Monte Cassino

Zapraszamy na wspólny spacer o wschodzie słońca Ww Long Bay Regional PArk aby wspólnie uczcić kolejną roznice bitwy pod Monte CAssino w ramach obchodzenia “Roku Niepodległości- 2018 Dorga do Wolności” . Zróbice i przynieście ze sobą maki.
We invite …