Independence Day at the Polish House

Today is a special very special day it is Polish Independence Day it is Day that we should celebrate and we should share with the world our history our culture our nation experience because today’s day has a special meaning and message to all people of today’s world. The freedom is never given for ever. Freedom we need built every day together, noticing and accepting our differences as human being. Toady’s world brings a lot of anxieties and challenges we never faced before. Terrorism increases our anxiety beyond the point we think about freedom in fact we give up our freedom in the name of safety created by governments; our freedom is gradually taken from us. We give governments the power they hardly had in the past.
It is our responsibility to change it to change it for future generations, Poland experience of two biggest totalitisms of XX century, experience of 150 years of non-existence give us unique experience as nation and it is our responsibility to share this experience to world and call that “solidarity” with all disadvantaged, prosecuted refuges as we experienced as the nation the same in not long past
the message of Polish Independence day, 11 of November, 99 years of freedom is overcome differences and work together for peace and equality on the world , for Solidarity.