Logo Competition – time to vote

Many thanks to all who entered our logo competition. It is with great pleasure that we present the entries.

We appreciate the entrants presenting several ways that the APA could use the logo, not only as a banner for our website, but also in future merchandising.

All members of the APA are eligible to vote for their favourite three options, best being number 1. This will allow us to rank the designs and give us the fairest outcome. Although voting this way negates the option of strictly secret votes, it is the only way we have of ensuring that only members of the APA vote, and vote only once. The way specific members vote will not be publicised.

Vote by going into the Contact page and sending us a message with your preferred options, or by emailing info@poloniaauckland.co.nz. We will be posting this competition to members of the APA who do not have internet access, and those members will be able to vote by post, or by contacting a member of the committee. Voting closes 31 March 2022.

Here are the entries, in pull-out-of-hat order. Where it was given, we have included the rationale behind the concepts:


A design derived from the Polish eagle, the most recognisable symbol of Poland. Looking as if it is in mid-flight, this one creates a dynamic image.



Based on the outline of the Sky Tower, this design is unmistakably Auckland, and creates a strong visual association to the city. Its vertical design becomes a statement on the page and draws the eye. 

The page layout example.


This design, derived from the Polish eagle, the most recognisable symbol of Poland, creates an unmistakable association with Poland. The designer believes the modern, graphical feel, clean lines and coherent font layout will work well on both our website and on formal documents.

Icon options associated with the above design.


This entry is a nod to the Auckland Council’s logo. It incorporates the pohutukawa, so vibrant with its red flowers in Auckland’s mid-summer, and the Polish traditional wycinaki, or cut-outs. The individual icon can be used for merchandising, such as on shopping bags.


This design is based on a simplified map of Poland. The entrant called it a “simple, minimalistic design with a very modern feel” and suggested that the horizontal layout would work well on both the website and printed documents.

This icon is an extension of the design above, presented to show options for posters and other uses.