Mix & Mingle

Shake off those winter cobwebs!

While it is so tempting to hunker down and keep out the world at this time of the year, your committee decided that some of us might appreciate being able to dust ourselves off and venture outside.

And what better place to do that than at our spruced-up Dom Polski?

As our newsletter editor, Kelly Mills, said, it’s been a long time since we have got together. Not entirely our fault, with all the restrictions we have had in Auckland, but something we can now rectify.  

For our first function of this new year—the first since our AGM at the end of May—we are keeping it low key and gentle-friendly.

We invite you to invite your family and friends for a Mix and Mingle on Sunday afternoon, 28 August. Cost of “entry” is a plate for sharing. (For new immigrants, the New Zealand “plate” is a plate of food: we are not short of crockery.) If you can remember, put your name underneath in case your empty plate lands up in the dishwasher.

Your committee will be doing kitchen duty. We will provide tea, coffee, crockery, and cutlery from the kitchen. If you feel like something stronger, we will be selling Polish beer and other beverages from the bar.

At a time when we have to watch TV clips of the northern hemisphere swelter, and hear of so many Poles visiting families and friends for summer, we reckon that those of us putting up with soggy gardens and short days could do with a warm blanket of Polish hospitality.

See you there!