Polish Heritage Project

POLISH HERITAGE PROJECT by Renata Czubak Vickrey

I am a researcher from Central Connecticut State University in the U.S. that is working with Polish cultural organizations We are conducting a research project that will assess the extent that first and second-generation New Zealand born Poles living in New Zealand identify with their Polish heritage and what are the factors that determine this.

We really need your help.

If you identify as being of Polish heritage you may be interested. We need to hear back from people who were either a) born in New Zealand to either a parent or parents born in Poland -or- b) those having a grandparent or grandparents born in Poland. If this describes you, we need you to complete the online survey that is found at:


Thank you in advance for your help. It is very much appreciated. If you have any questions about the survey Рplease contact Renata Czubak Vickrey at phone: 01-860-539-3889/email: vickreyr@ccsu.edu