Special General Meeting

The Executive of the Auckland Polish Association is calling an urgent Special General Meeting on 04/02/2018 at the Polish House, 1 McDonald Street, Auckland to approve expenses related to the construction of two additional rooms in the Polish House.
The Special General Meeting on 19/02/2017 obligated the Executive to modernize the Polish House (construction of two additional rooms). It was a long process and a very time-consuming process, and as the result of the process the Executive finally found a company interested in the building of the two rooms and received a quotation.
The APA for many years has been facing major difficulties to function effectively, providing support for Poles in Auckland and in the promotion of Polish culture language and history. Modernization of the Polish Home is indispensable and creates a chance for the future of the APA.
The main purpose of building the rooms is to optimize hall hire (which is the only source of income to maintain the costs of the Polish House). Additionally the building will allow to transfer the Polish school to the Polish House, enabling to fulfill the purposes of the APA and create opportunities for the future existence and operations of the organization.

Event: Special General Meeting
Venue: Polish House
Date: 04/02/2018 Sunday 13:30

1. Choosing the scrutinizing Committee
2. Choosing the Motion Committee
3. Presentation of the modernizing plans (Dariusz Koper)
4. Presentation of cost and estimates (Dariusz Koper)
5. Discussion
6. Voting
7. Free motions

Please remember that voting is only possible for financial members, that is those who have paid the membership fee for 2017/2018, $25. A valid membership card or proof of payment is required.
The membership fee can be paid to the APA account (Eva need a number) or also before the meeting from 13:15

Kind regards
Agnieszka Dawidowska
The President of The APA