Szarlotka Festival

Sunday 16 June 2024, from 1 – 3pm, Dom Polski, 1 McDonald Street, Morningside

Described as “the right amount of sweetness combined with the right amount of crumble,” the traditional szarlotka is a celebration of apples and pastry, aka apple pie with a Polish twist.

… so anything goes. I know I can’t resist adding whatever is in the garden – maybe rhubarb – or in the cupboard – maybe sultanas – or in the freezer – maybe plums, but traditionalists go with good cooking apples and, possibly, cinnamon. All I know is that my szarlotkas are never the same.

We are inviting you to our First Szarlotka Festival, which we are hoping will encourage you to taste and enjoy this very Polish tea-time treat.

Come and join us for an afternoon tea and szarlotka. A slice with tea or coffee will cost $5, and the proceeds will go towards our much-needed renovation for an accessibility toilet. Those of us with friends and families struggling with wheelchairs will know all about how tough it is to get around.

To the kind Polish bakers out there – donations of szarlotkas are welcome. The more the merrier!